High quality aerial shooting service by drone. SKYZOOM®
High quality aerial shooting service by industrial drone

SKYZOOM® (Sky Zoom) is a high-quality aerial shooting service by business specification drone, high-performance camera, and professional photographer.

SKYZOOM® effect / feature

A professional photographer and a team of experienced aerial photography pilots will provide the best images.

A professional photographer and a team of experienced aerial photography pilots will provide the best images.

Professional photographer and pilot team who received training of Drone aerial photography at our Drone School Japan will ask for the wishes of the client and photograph and provide high quality images (video / still)

We will use the finest photographic equipment.

We will use the finest photographic equipment.

The highest-class digital single lens reflex camera is equipped as a standard in the business specification drone with a margin in the payload. Of course, it is possible to shoot both video and still images. Also, 4K UHD video shooting can be handled with another standard camera.

Stable flight performance

Stable flight performance

Drone can fly for about 15 minutes once with full charge, and can fly steadily even in the strong wind of about 5 m / sec. High performance gimbal support enables image shooting with less blur. When the battery runs out, it automatically returns to the starting point by the GPS sensor.

Safety measures are also thorough

Safety measures are also thorough

The drones are equipped with collision avoidance sensors and can avoid collisions with objects (to some extent). In the unlikely event of the drone becoming out of control, when the pilot stops the rotation of the rotor, the parachute and the airbag will automatically open and can be safely descended. This is a big feature not found in other drone aerial photographs.

SKYZOOM® widely used

  • Spraying agriculture
  • Forest inspection
  • Building, warehouse inspection
  • Event shooting
  • PV shooting
  • wedding
  • Construction, civil engineering surveying
  • River · dam inspection
  • Sports photography
  • Inspection of aged buildings
  • Real estate property photography
  • Other shooting is also available at any time

FLIR VUE Pro Effect · Features

High quality aerial shots by experienced pilots

Our flight experienced pilot is responsible for client aerial photography. Using high spec equipment, we allow permission for various scenes.
We have established a system that can respond to client’s needs, such as taking pictures in a special environment.

Credit as a drone specialist

In addition to aerial photography, we have knowledge of drone and wide network such as sales of industrial drone, operation of drone media, operation of drone school, etc.

Strength of marketing power

We propose how to make effective use of the finished material according to the purpose and use of animated aerial videos and images.
We provide one stop from shooting to practical plan such as how to use it from web marketing to signage and event.


SKYZOOM® Double Robot Movie
SKYZOOM® chimeric game
SKYZOOM® image animation
SKYZOOM® image movie “Women’s version”
SKYZOOM® image movie “Golf course version”

SKYZOOM® effect / feature

Our aerial shooting fee system is easy to understand and cheap as follows.

  • Basic fee
  • option fee
  • Travel fee

Basic charge (excluding tax)

Rental fee for standard equipment, standard shooting content, personnel expenses included

Movie shooting 240,000 yen a day / 150,000 yen half a day ※ No editing, data delivery
Still shooting 200,000 yen a day / 120,000 yen half a day ※ With basic color correction, data delivery

Approximately 9 hours of actual work per day (including 1 hour of lunch break), half a day working hours about 4 hours. Both contain 30 minutes for preparation and about 30 minutes for cleaning up. Please contact us if you can not get a car to the aerial shoot site. Please also consult movies / still movies.

Option fee (excluding tax)

Rental fee for standard equipment, standard shooting content, personnel expenses included

Advance reservation free
Additional shooting at the site Additional shooting 30,000 yen per hour, same as basic charge in case of half day · day unit
Same as the preliminary location (shooting equipment use) basic charge (half day, 1 day)
Advance location (shooting equipment not used) Half price of basic charge (half day, 1 day)
Waiting due to unseasonable weather locally 100,000 yen a day / 60,000 yen a half day (accommodation fee separately)

Travel expense (tax excluded)

Tokyo · Kanagawa · Saitama · Chiba 2,000 yen
Ibaraki, Tochigi, Gunma 3 million yen

※ 1 business trip will be limited to the Kanto region 1 city 6 prefecture for the time being. Please consult the sections you would like to see in the Kanto area for aerial photographs.
※ 2 business trip will be moved by a light van with 2 personnel loaded with a complete set of equipment. Travel expenses include staff personnel expenses, fuel costs, and high-speed charges.
※ 3 When you need staying locally before and after shooting day, accommodation fee will be charged separately. We will charge you actual expenses if you prepare by customer or if we arrange for us.

Cancellation fee

On shooting day (after our team departs) 100%
On shooting day (Our team before departure) 50%
7 to 14 days ago 25%
15 days ago and before 0%

Delivery and payment method

Delivery Delivery We will deliver the meeting image format · media within 2 days after shooting ends
Payment method We will request the end of the current month from the Company, the end of the next month bank transfer (please bear the transfer fee)

Aerial photographing by SKYZOOM® and flow until delivery

  • ①Application

    Application form input
  • ②お打ち合わせ

    Shooting contents · schedule ·
    expenses etc.
  • ③Contract

  • ④Implementation

  • ⑤Delivery


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  • Drone & IoT Business Seminar

    We have a briefing session for business owners.
    We will teach plenty of business know-how of Drone called the empty industrial revolution.
    From time to time! (Free participation · complete reservation system)

    Drone & IoT Business Seminar Information
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    We will inform you about various materials request and inquiries concerning our products.

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