SKYVIDEO is a collaboration aerial shooting service with “Drone” & “Photographer”.
SKYVIDEO is a collaboration aerial shooting service with “Drone” & “Photographer”.

A top-level aerial photography professional photographer holding Dolone School Japan ‘s skill three – star certification,
I will shoot at DJI’s latest drones of FLIR’s dedicated 4K camera (compatible with infrared thermography).


Because there are three points
It will be possible to offer nationwide aerial photography at the best price.

Since it is DS · J, it is possible to do it nationwide

18 drone schools nationwide certified pilots nationwide will take aerial photographs throughout the country.
Price range according to aerial shooting content

Aerial photographs are taken at the optimum price range where transparency has been secured from a short time to a few days of aerial photographing.
Total safety measures with property insurance

We have insurance for business use and subscribe to objective / personal insurance of up to 300 million yen even under the basis of perfect safety measures.

Various shooting

Professional cameraman will shoot various kinds of shooting such as event · advertisement · sightseeing using drone!

  • Wedding
  • Sports
  • Fireworks and festivals
    Fireworks and festivals
  • TV · CM
    TV · CM
  • Tourism

Other [Corporate promotion] [Live] [Movie] [Nature] [Mountain climbing] [Historical heritage · historical site] [Building] [Construction site] [Entrance ceremony · Graduation ceremony] [Personal] shooting etc.

Deliverables included in SKYVIDEO

Deliverables included in SKYVIDEO

Provide beautiful powerful image data shot with a drone-mounted 4K camera!

We will shoot dynamic images from angles and places that we usually can not see.

Provide images you have never seen before shooting with a drone mounted infrared camera!

The infrared thermography camera senses the temperature of objects and people and expresses the enthusiasm and realism of the event.


(* 1) Procedure for applying to the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport, and after obtaining flight permission, do work by drone.
(※ 2) We have subscribed to objective / interpersonal insurance of up to 300 million yen

Drone & IoT Business Seminar / Information Request / Inquiry

  • Drone & IoT Business Seminar

    We have a briefing session for business owners.
    We will teach plenty of business know-how of Drone called the empty industrial revolution.
    From time to time! (Free participation · complete reservation system)

    Drone & IoT Business Seminar Information
  • Information request / inquiry

    We will inform you about various materials request and inquiries concerning our products.

    Information Request / Inquiry