High grade industrial drone system patented SKYSCAN® PRO 2
Patent acquisition with ‘Optimize shooting angle and distance’ of drone for sunlight!
High Grade Industrial Drone System Professional Robot Aerial Photography Analysis System with Twin Camera

Robotic Inspection

Such as mega solar power plant and aging infrastructure,
For aerial photographs and breakdown inspection of huge facilities,
The flight robot (drone) will do it efficiently.

SKYSCAN® PRO 2 is quickly and efficiently inspected for breakdown of vast mega solar power stations, inspection of social infrastructure where aging rapidly progresses, such as huge dams to which people can not approach, long bridges, expressways, embankments, etc.will do it safely.

Boasting outstanding flight stability and safety, DJI’s professional aerial drone MATRICE M – 60O PRO is adopted as a platform.
Twin cameras (infrared thermography camera, Full HD visible light camera) are mounted, the subject is photographed in detail and the image is analyzed with SKYSTATION.

Kurobe Dam (completed in 1963)

Kurobe Dam (completed in 1963)

Infrared thermography The solar panel's hot spot detected by the camera

Infrared thermography The solar panel’s hot spot detected by the camera

The Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport announced in “Heisei 207” The social infrastructure maintenance market size in Japan is about 5 trillion yen “.
Also, the total amount of domestic solar power generation was 34 GW (about 130 million sheets converted to 250 W panel) * at the end of the year. Inspection of social infrastructure is the most promising activity field of industrial drone.

※ Source Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry


Robotic Survey

Robotic Survey

In the i-Construction concept announced in 1998 by the Ministry of International Trade and Industry,
3D aerial surveying and shaping management using drone “has been proposed.

※To manage whether the carpenters’ and architectural design drawings accurately match the ongoing work.

With SKYSCAN® PRO 2 and our SKY 4 D Pro drone 3D mapping cloud service, highly accurate 3D survey and shape management become possible.
High Accuracy and Redundant Configuration of SKYSCAN® PRO 2 A high positioning accuracy is realized with a flight control system and a GPS sensor.
We are aiming at achievement by adopting GCP (ground control point) and DJI D – RTK system (option sold separately) for 3D aerial survey standard of the Ministry of Land,Infrastructure and Transport (within 5 cm of error).
Drone 3D mapping can also be used for disaster prevention and restoration of large-scale natural disasters.

SKY 4D drone 3D mapping cloud service

SKY 4D drone 3D mapping cloud service

(Left) 3D ortho mosaic image of natural topography

(Left) 3D ortho mosaic image of natural topography
(Right) 3D point cloud (point cloud) image of building

Robotic Platform (DJI MATRICE M-600 PRO)

Left: Redundant flight control and GPS sensor
Right: Power supply system with 6 redundant LiPO batteries

SKYSCAN® PRO 2 has a reputation as a professional aerial drone
DJ MATRICE M – 6OO PRO is adopted as a platform.

Twin camera / drone

SKYSCAN® PRO 2 is a 6 large drone mounted on the DJI Ronin-MX professional gimbal, a twin camera unit of infrared thermography camera / Full HD visible light camera.

High precision flight control system and GPS sensor

Stable flight performance with a redundant A3 Pro flight controller and GPS sensor, six powerful rotors and six LiPO batteries, equipped with twin cameras and gimbals up to 6.0 Kg of payload and over 10 minutes of sky You can take flight search flight.

A3 Pro flightcontrolsystem

A3 Pro flightcontrolsystem

Guidance Collision prevention sensor

SKYSCAN® PRO 2 is equipped with a revolutionary collision prevention system Guidance (guidance).
The Guidance has five built-in ultrasonic sensors, a camera and a CPU in the front, rear, right and left, and downward, and improved the safety and reliability of the aircraft in flight using the world’s most advanced computer visual algorithm.

Guidance Collision prevention sensor

Guidance Collision prevention sensor

D-RTK (option sold separately)

D-RTK GNSS * is a highly accurate navigation and positioning system designed for A3 series flight controller.
Dynamic differential relative positioning technology is used to achieve very accurate centimeter level 3D positioning.
D-RTK is indispensable for highly accurate 3D aerial surveying and professional-class aerial photography satisfying the requirements of i-Construction by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport. (Position Accuracy: Horizontal 1 cm + 1 ppm, Vertical 2 cm + 1 ppm)
D-RTK does not rely on magnetic compass, it is resistant to magnetic interference caused by ferromagnetic structures such as iron and high-voltage lines, so it can fly accurately even under difficult circumstances in other aircraft.

※ D-RTK GNSS = Differential Real-time Kinematic Global Navigation Satellite System
(Differential Real-time Kinematic Global Positioning Navigation Satellite System)

D-RTK and Data Link Pro

D-RTK and Data Link Pro

Robotic Eyes

Robotic Eyes

The Twin Camera SKYSCAN® PRO 2 has the following two cameras
It is equipped as standard in Ronin-MX professional class gimbal.

Infrared thermography camera

FLIR Vue ™ Pro R is an infrared thermography camera for world-class drone installation.
During infrared still image shooting, the exact temperature of the subject is measured in pixel units by radiometry * and recorded on the onboard Micro SD card.
* Radiometry / Radiometric lock = radiation temperature measurement (measuring the temperature without touching the object)
The image quality of FLIR Vue ™ Pro R has VGA (640 × 512pix) and QVGA (336 × 256pix) versions. You can record 8-bit digital images in MJPEG or H264 format, or 14-bit digital images in MicroSD card recorder in TIFF format.

Infrared thermography camera

Full HD visible light camera

The camera is equipped with Sony FCB-EV 7520 camera (Full HD, optical 30 magnification autofocus zoom lens FL = 4.3 mm to 129.0 mm, F1.6 to F4.7).

  • Infrared thermography image

    赤Infrared thermography image
    (Measurement of radiation temperature of overheated equipment)

  • Infrared thermography image

    Infrared thermography image
    (Wildlife monitoring)

Robotic Analysis

Robotic Analysis

SKYSTATION (Sky Station) analysis terminal

Sky Station (SS) is a terminal that simultaneously monitors infrared thermographic images and visible light images transmitted by the SKYSCAN® PRO 2 to the ground.
Even with a vast, huge subject, you can easily identify the point of failure by simultaneously taking aerial photographs of infrared images and visible light images and monitoring them.

The main functions of SS are as follows.

● Receive infrared thermography image · visible light image transmitted by SKYSCAN® PRO2 to the ground
● 2 displays and 2 propo for pilots and for gimbal operation
● Keyboard
● Work station (Display environmental temperature, humidity, atmospheric pressure, etc.)
● Driven with 24 VDC Li-ION battery
● Includes reinforced plastic case, foldable and portable
● With stand for installation on the ground
● Weight (main body 19 kg, stand 9 kg)

ツインカメラ SKYSCAN® PRO2

SKYANALYZER® (Sky Analyzer)
Cloud analysis service

When uploading infrared video / still image data shot with FLIR VUE ™ PRO R to our cloud site SKYANALYZER Web, we analyze hot spots (overheated part of solar panel, tile floating part of concrete wall, etc.) Capture the still image of the part and present it to the user.
When the user selects a problematic image on the Web, adds a comment, and inputs the inspection date / time / place / weather / facility name / inspector name etc, the report attached with the picture can be downloaded.

ツインカメラ SKYSCAN® PRO2
SKY MARKER (Sky marker)

SKY MARKER (Sky marker)

Refueling air gun of 6 stations shooting color balls.
It marks by shooting a color ball filled with water paint in the overheated / damaged parts of the solar panels and buildings detected by the camera.
Color balls do not damage panel surfaces or walls.

Body · Battery
format Battery-driven 6 drone
Overall length · full width · total height 1.668mm(W)×1.518mm(D)×727mm
(Propeller · Frame Arm · Expanded GPS mount, including landing gear)
(Propeller · frame arm · GPS mount folded, not including landing gear)
Own weight 9.5Kg(TB47S Includes 6 batteries)
Maximum take-off weight 15.5Kg(TB47S 6 batteries, with twin camera )
Hovering accuracy (P – GPS mode) Vertical ±0.5m / horizontal ±1.5m
Maximum speed 40km/h 65km/h(No wind condition)
Maximum ascent / descent speed 5m/s(Rise) 3m/s(fall)
Maximum wind pressure resistance 8m/s
Hovering time No payload: 32 minutes, payload 6 kg: 16 minutes
Operational limit altitude 2,500m
Operating temperature range 0℃ - 40℃
Flight control system DJI A3 Pro
battery TB47S(22.2VDC,4,500A/h)orTB48S(22.8VDC,5,700mA/h)LiPO 6S battery
Twin camera  
Infrared thermography camera FLIR VUE Pro R(FOV 13mm,frame rate30Hz,VGA)
Visible light camera SONY FCB-EV7520(Full HD,Optical 30 times auto focus zoom lens ,FL=4.3mm – 129,0mm,F1.6 – F4.7)
Gimbal DJI Ronin-MX
Sky Station Body:962mm(W)×427mm(D)×174mm(H),19Kg
24VDC Li-ION battery
Transmitter 2 units standard equipment
Used frequency band 2.4GHz (Lightbridge 2)and 920MHz (Japan specification)
Maximum transmission distance 3.5Km(When there is no obstacle or radio interference)
Video output port HDMI,SDI,USB
Built-in battery 6,000mA/h LiPO 2S
Functional specifications are subject to change without notice.

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