With the robot and the latest IoT technology, we will support the search for missing persons and relief to the affected areas.

Outline of patent
Patent No.: 5890942
Invention: Exploratory Rescue System
Patent acquisition date: February 26, Heisei 28

Number of announced missing persons in Japan nationwide: 81,000 people

It is our life that seems to be peaceful, but 81,000 people are missing annually everywhere in Japan. (*)
The reasons for being missing are various such as wandering of dementia patients, kidnapping of young people and women, troubles of work / human relations, climbing / water accident accident, natural disaster etc.
Most of them are discovered or protected, but about 2 thousand people remain missing a year. (*)
When a family member is missing, the concern of the family left behind is not a single one.
Also, searching for missing people may cost a lot of labor and expense.

※IoT=Internet of Things

※All figures are announced by the National Police Agency in 2016. If you add the number of missing persons with no notification, it is likely that more than 100,000 people will be missing annually.

The aging of population and wandering elderly problem

As the aging of the population advances in Japan and other advanced countries in the world, the problems of wandering elderly people are closing up.
WHO (World Insurance Organization) has announced that the number of dementia patients worldwide is approximately 44 million people.
Many of them are patients with Alzheimer’s disease.
WHO also predicts that the number of dementia patients worldwide will reach about 130 million people by about 3 times by 2050.

In Japan, about 13,000 people with dementia annually become wandering and missing,
Most of them are discovered and protected, but 400 deaths per year are confirmed and about 200 people are missing. ※
In addition, it is estimated that 4 million people in dementia reserve forces (mild cognitive impairment) are estimated to be in Japan, dementia and its reserve army aged a total of 8.6 million people, estimated to be one in four elderly people It is.

※2014 Announced by Japan Police Agency

Country Total population Population over 65 years old Percentage over 65 years old Number of patients with dementia
Japan 1127 million 32.96 million 25.9% 4.62 million
United States of America 380.9 million 44.7 million 14.0% 5 million
Germany Federal Republic 86 million 18.23 million 21.2% 1.4 million


The number of mountain victims reached a record high

Japan is a great mountaineering country, and it is said that the population climbing at least once a year is about 8.6 million people.
The climbing mountain population is increasing by several hundred thousand every year.

Due to the increase in the number of elderly climbers, distress accidents continue to increase every year.
In 2016, 2,495 distress accidents occurred nationwide.
Especially, the elderly people over 60 years old are characterized by extremely high proportion of the number of victims, the number of deceased / missing people.

  Total population※
Distress count 2,495
Number of victims 2,929
Deceased 278
Missing 41
Injured 1,133
Rescued 1,477
Distress of older mountaineers※ Number of people Composition ratio
Victims over the age of 60 1,482 50.6%
Deceased / Missing persons over the age of 60 215 67.4%

※Both will be announced by the Japanese National Police Agency in 2016

With Drone and the latest IoT technology
We support the search for missing people

We are lightweight, compact, waterproof, wearable by wandering elderly people, children, women, climbers, etc. Continue to transmit and receive radio waves for a long time,
We developed TDRS® to track radio waves transmitted by SKYBEACON®.

Furthermore, with the SKYRESCUE ® drone system incorporating TDRS® in the drone,
We will support early detection and rescue of missing people due to climbing / water accidents, natural disasters such as earthquakes, tsunamis, volcanic eruptions and floods.

Mechanism of TDRS® (patent acquisition)

  • STEP.1 Each drone searches the range of responsibility
    The whole mountain is divided into three coordinate areas and a drone (large machine / SKYRESCUE – T 3000) is made to fly one by one in each coordinate area. Three drone fly through each coordinate area to every corner and identify the rough position of the victim.
  • STEP.2 Receiving position information
    One of the three drones received the electrical signal (SKYBEACON) sent by the victim (the first drones that received successfully are called “hit drones”). Then the other two instantly leave the search area and automatically head to hit drones.
  • STEP.3 Identify evacuation position with three point measurement
    When the other 2 machines arrive in the vicinity of the hit drones, the hit drones during hovering (suspended flight) are automatically surrounded by the remaining 2 machines until the optimum three point measurement state is reached by judgment of artificial intelligence We will go around and narrow down the locations of the victims.
  • STEP.4 Find evacuees! To the dispatch of the rescue team
    Since the position measurement terminal detects the division of the reception state of the analysis signal and controls the route, the analysis signal can be obtained without interruption, and the position information of the victim can be notified to the rescue team more quickly and safely. In addition, SKYRESCUE is equipped with an infrared thermography camera, so it is possible to estimate the life and death of the victim.


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