Concrete buildings in Japan are rapidly aging

It has already been around half a century since the high growth period. Buildings of RC and SRC * 1 built at that time will be beyond the combined limit period * 2 soon.
When the finished surface of a concrete structure deteriorates, concrete itself is hydrophilic so that water penetrates into the interior, corrodes and expands the reinforcing bars, and the destruction of the concrete progresses.
Conventionally, workers on a rock climber or a gondola visually inspected deterioration of the concrete wall by hitting and hitting tests,
As this takes a huge amount of labor and expense, many municipalities do not have sufficient checks and repair.

* 1 RC = Reinforced Concrete Structure SRC = Steel Framed Reinforced Concrete Building
* 2 Combined marginal period = a period during which extensive use becomes possible if large-scale structural repair is performed within the period.

Inspection of lower part of bridge by inspection work vehicle
Inspection of lower part of bridge by inspection work vehicle
Inspection of lower part of bridge by inspection work vehicle
Inspection by the inspector on the gondola
Inspection by the inspector on the gondola
Advancement of concrete deterioration, exposed bare steel · peeled concrete

Progress of aging social infrastructure (domestic)

Bridge (2 m or more in length): About 400 thousand bridges across the country

※ There are about 700,000 bridges over 2 m bridges, but about 300 thousand bridges are unknown in construction year.

Road Tunnel: About 10,000 bottles in the country

Highway (Highway National Highway): Total extension about 8,700 Km

A part of the capital high (total extension 332 Km) was built before the Tokyo Olympic Games in 1964 and already 50 years have already passed.

Dam :3,053 facilities nationwide

* Concrete storage facility with a height of 15 m or more from the foundation.

Coastal embankment: Total extension about 9,000 Km

Many of the coastal levees were built after the Ise Bay typhoon in 1959, and 50 years have passed already.

With drone and various sensor technologies,
We support the promotion of social infrastructure deterioration inspection.

Temperature distribution image of concrete wall surface is photographed and analyzed by thermographic camera mounted on drone,
You can specify the position and advancement of concrete deterioration.
From a conventional visual inspection and inspection with a portable thermography camera, it is possible to inspect and analyze a wide range quickly and accurately.

Concrete deterioration analysis result by drone is the same as the shot image of HD camera
We will make “visible” by 3D mapping technology and report it.

Temperature Distribution of Concrete Wall
Temperature Distribution of Concrete Wall
Create 3D images from image data taken by Drone and visualize degradation points of concrete

Drone is also effective for inspecting solar, wind and geothermal power generation facilities.

Drone is extremely effective for checking and troubleshooting large-scale facilities that people can not approach such as solar farms and wind / geothermal power plants.

Temperature distribution image of solar panel taken by our research team.
There are two hotspots that cause panel failure, reduced power generation, and fire.

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