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We Robots Help Human

Sky robot Co., Ltd will develop various solutions and services that incorporate the following elements that are characteristics of robots and drones,
based on a corporate slogan'We Robots Help Human' (our robots will help others)

Sky robot Co., Ltd. is a drone venture company with a mission of "Contributing to the future society by robot solutions."
As a pioneer of industrial drone, we aim to contribute to society by making use of abundant experience and unique skills and providing robots active in harsh environments for humans.
In the field of industrial solar power generation which is rapidly popular in recent years, we are offering robot solutions that enable facility maintenance from a longer term perspective.
In addition, we can utilize our drone in various fields such as house investigation, non-destructive inspection, exploration, life saving and so on.
We will continue to promote the development of unique and useful solutions for the world.

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  • Drone & IoT Business Seminar

    We have a briefing session for business owners.
    We will teach plenty of business know-how of Drone called the empty industrial revolution.
    From time to time! (Free participation · complete reservation system)

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    We will inform you about various materials request and inquiries concerning our products.

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