World's first Double Robot Maintenance SKYCOMBINATION® PRO (Sky Combination® Pro)

SKYCOMBINATION® PRO (Sky Combination® PRO) combines super drone inspection by drone (SKYSCAN® PRO) and robot cleaning by robot (SOLRIDER®) in photovoltaic power generation facilities to create a business trip power generation maximum It is a conversion service. Each service can be offered individually as requested.


Effect of super drones check

Effect of super drones check

Drone accurately and speedily detects the abnormal part of the photovoltaic power generation facility and the failure part and reports the analysis result.

Failure detection and exploration without stopping power generation at all

With a high-performance thermographic camera, micro cracks (* 1), snail trails (* 2), sediments (* 3) etc. that are difficult to detect by IV curve measurement can also be detected and analyzed. Also, unlike the IV curve measurement, failure detection and exploration can be performed without stopping power generation at all.

  • Micro cracks

    Micro cracks ⇒ Cracks and delamination caused by micro cracks of cells generated during solar panel manufacturing, handling error during transportation / installation stopped power generation of clusters directly connected to the cells, heat generation, hot spots It may cause it.

  • Snail Trail

    Snail Trail ⇒ The Snail Trail refers to a phenomenon in which a cell crack progresses and a trace of a cochlea crawl appears on the panel surface. Leaving it unattended may cause panel overheating or malfunction.

  • Sediment

    Sediment ⇒ dust, pollen, yellow sand, bird droppings, fallen leaves, volcanic ash, etc. are deposited on the panel surface.

Analyze the status of modules, cells, and peripheral devices with ground station incorporating image analysis software and classify the level of defect according to level.

Level 1
Module or cell that evolves to level 2 due to mild micro cracks and sticking of sediments, leaving it for several months to generate electricity.
Level 2
Module or cell with power generation already decreasing due to micro cracks, snail trails, and long-term fixation of deposits.
Level 3
Module or cell that is not generating power at all due to reasons such as breakdown.

A high-performance HD camera can visually inspect more than 20 times faster than visual inspection by human work, and oversight of defective part can be prevented. It is also ideal for commemorative photography at the time of completion.

Effect of robot cleaning

Effect of robot cleaning

Suppresses hot spot phenomena while maintaining high power generation efficiency of solar panel.

In the solar power generation facilities in each area, cleaning of the entire surface of the solar panel confirmed an increase in power generation compared to before cleaning. There is a difference in direct sunlight blocking ratio depending on the thickness of accumulated deposits in case of not cleaning at all and cleaning cleanly.

Also, when sunlight, fallen leaves, bird droppings, insect eggs and dead bodies stick to the cells of the solar panel and stuck for a long time, the cells in that part are blocked from direct sunlight, and almost no power generation will occur. As a result, a cell that almost stops generating electricity will be loaded for a long period of time, energy will be converted to high heat and the solar panel may burn or break down.

In many solar power generation facilities having such problems, cleaning with SOLRIDER® solves the hot spot problem and leads to breakdown prevention.

View validation result of SOLRIDER®

Moreover, it is not likely to occur in our robot cleaning, which is liable to be caused by high-pressure washing or washing by manual labor, washing left or wiping left (* 1). Since SOLRIDER ® can uniformly and uniformly clean up to the corner, the amount of electricity generation also increases as there is no wash residue compared to washing by high pressure washing and manual work. The rotating brush is a soft nylon brush which does not hurt even when touched by hand during rotation, so it has no scratches on the panel (* 2). ※ 1: Too much severe sticking dirt, it may be necessary to deal separately. * 2: Since there is a possibility of getting a hand in a part other than the brush, please do not imitate absolutely.

Human work/SOLRIDER


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