Wildlife survey by infrared camera drone
To farmers and local governments! Wild vegetable picking In the season of mountain climbing and mountain climbing!

SKY ANIMALS is a latest drone equipped with an infrared thermography camera and it is a service to explore mountains, bears, monkeys and deer in the mountains.

  • Search dedicated drone with infrared thermography camera
    Search dedicated drone with infrared thermography camera
  • Search over the target area in the drone and take a picture
    Search over the target area in the drone and take a picture
  • Avoid damage from wildlife by conducting preliminary survey
    Avoid damage from wildlife by conducting preliminary survey

SKY ANIMALS Technical background

Japan’s pest damage amount is about 30 billion yen annually

Damage to crops by wildlife and wild birds is enormous

  • In recent years, the problem of wild animals harming people and destroying agricultural crops is rapidly increasing in various parts of Japan.
  • The total damages of agricultural crops by wildlife and wild birds total 23 billion yen nationwide, and the damaged area is 9.7 million hectares. ※ 1
  • The population of rural areas is aging and decreasing, people do not pursue wildlife, satoyama which becomes a buffer zone for people and animals decreases, animals came out to villages and knew delicious food easily available is.
  • Recent decreases in hunters are one reason wild animals have come to village. ※ 2
  • There are several systems that wear radio wave transmitters in wild animals and monitor their behavior, but because they adopt conventional radio technology, they are big · heavy · battery life is short · animal direction / distance is called About There is a problem.
  • It is not preferable from the standpoint of animal welfare that a transmitter attached to an animal is large and heavy.

※ 1 Announcement in 2012
※ 2 The number of hunting license holders is about 180,000 nationwide in 2012, aging is proceeding with less than half of 30 years ago.

With Drone and the latest IoT technology, we observe and track wildlife behavior.

  • Discover animals that are hidden in the gaps of plants and can not be seen with visible light cameras with infrared thermography cameras.
  • An infrared thermography camera allows you to search for animals at night.
  • You can also add a device that sounds a firecracker sound or a siren to the drone, and you can sing away if you find wild animals.

IoT=Internet of Things


Check out from the sky with a drone mounted infrared camera.

We prepare a survey report based on video data.

200,000 yen a day ~
(By tax and transportation expenses)

(※3) Proceed with the application to the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport, and obtain the flight permission, then do the work by drone.
(※ 4) We have subscribed to objective / interpersonal insurance of up to 700 million yen.
(※5) In some situations where flight can not be performed due to regulations or in circumstances where it is difficult to fly due to the environment etc., this service may not be implemented.

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