The world’s largest indoor drone school

The world's largest indoor drone school
3,000 tsubo in size · DPA accredited school · 7 days a week · rainy weather permitted
Showrooms & seminar rooms also available

Drone School Japan Tokyo Tidelle school is a school to train Drone pilot. “World Business Satellite” “Mezamashi TV” “Zoom in! ! It is a drones school of the topic now being taken up in many media such as “Saturday”.
We have prepared a hands-on curriculum that allows you to acquire skills and knowledge according to the purpose of those who are manipulating drone from aerial shooting for hobbies to industrial (business use / work use).
It is certified by the Association of Drone Pilot Association (abbreviation: DPA / reading: Deepa), and graduates can obtain certification of DPA.

What is the market nature of the drone you care about?

Currently, the rapidly growing drone service market.
There are more than 60 industries that can actually be done in the drone, and the assumed potential market size is over 15 trillion yen per year!

Drone services

  • Agricultural forestry
    Agricultural forestry
    Pesticide / fertilizer application / crop management / pest survey / control / school of fish school
  • Survey · Management · Reform
    Survey · Management · Reform
    Apartment / apartment / house / pension / factory / warehouse / fire insurance / civil engineering survey
  • Security monitoring
    Security monitoring
    Maritime / Coast Guard / Event Monitoring / Building / Plant Guard / Building Site Monitoring / Traffic Monitoring
  • Disaster countermeasure
    Disaster countermeasure
    Flood · Tsunami monitoring / Forest fire monitoring / Volcano monitoring / Earthquake monitoring / reconstruction work
  • Search and rescue
    Search and rescue
    Search and rescue of persons suffering from water / searching for mountain victims / rescue / searching for elderly people / rescue / search for pets / rescue
  • Patrol and inspection
    Patrol and inspection
    River · dam · coastal bank / highway / tower · transmission line / chemical complex / shipyard / blast furnace · nuclear power plant / solar power plant / wind power plant / bridge · tunnel
  • Hazardous area work
    Hazardous area work
    Response of accident at power plant / Work in plant / Work at plant site / Work at disaster site / Work on fire site / Work on outer wall of high-rise building
  • Measurement / observation
    Measurement / observation
    Spatial information / Map information collection / Traffic volume measurement / Meteorology / Atmospheric observation / Ocean observation / Ecosystem observation / Environment monitoring
  • Shooting · Entertainment
    Shooting · Entertainment
    Movie · TV program · news coverage / sports / wedding / event · concert / promotion video / record shooting
  • Transportation · Logistics
    Transportation · Logistics
    Home Delivery / AED Transport / Floating Ring Transport / Emergency Material Transport / Mass Transport to Isolated Zone
  • Other
    Disaster base station / advertisement / publicity / attraction / underwater / underwater exploration / education / hobby / drone race / in-store work

At Drone School Japan, You can master the skills necessary to enter the drone business.

Course content adapted to skill

Sky Challenge course
First of all, those who want to manipulate Sky Challenge course Sky Challenge course
Flight course
Handling experience less than 10 hours Flight course Flight course
Business course
People with more than 10 hours of handling experience Business course Business course

People who wants to manipulate drone or is interested


Sky Challenge course

Days of attendance 90 minutes
Instructor One instructor per 3 students

It is a trial-like course for beginners who want to manipulate drones once and for those who are interested in the drone industry.

※ It is possible to fly in the rain · Practice aircraft loan free
※ In order to optimize the curriculum, contents are subject to change without prior notice.
※ If the number of students is less than 3, we will finish earlier than usual.

First time limited 90 minute class ¥ 10,000 (excluding tax)
Attendance time 90 minutes / possible rainy flying · One person can participate. Maximum 3 students per instructor.

At the dolone dedicated airfield, instructors at DS · J will perform “drone maneuvering training for beginners” and “counseling & advice on aerial photography technique” etc. Drone for maneuver training will be rented for free.


Person who has less than 10 hours of drone maneuvering experience



Days of attendance 2 days (with 1 hour free extra ticket)
Attendance time /th> 9:30〜16:30 (both days including breaks)
Instructor One instructor per 3 students

Even those who have never touched the drone will be able to fly drones in two days.

※ It is possible to participate in rainy weather flying, 1 person.
※ In order to optimize the curriculum, contents are subject to change without prior notice.
※ If the number of students is less than 3, we will finish earlier than usual.

¥120,000 (excluding tax)

25 kinds of skills

You can acquire 25 types of skills necessary for drone pilots in two days, such as circle movement and square movement.
※ The acquisition speed of skills will vary with individual differences.

25 kinds of skills

Skill up

Skills that you could not master in two days can be learned by skill-up course at a later date.

【Course attendance benefit】
Skill-up course 1 hour worth (equivalent to 10,000 yen for tuition fee), you can receive supplement ticket which can be taken free of charge.

Skill up

Free rental

We will lend you various drone necessary for practical lessons free of charge.

Free rental

Reduction of purchase points by a factor of 2

DS / J special member registration of drone specialty EC site (popular drones and attention items are numerous) is possible. (free)
▼ Drone Store here

Reduction of purchase points by a factor of 2

Acquire certificate

If you master 20 or more of the 25 skills, you can get Drone School Japan’s certification “DS · J 1 Star Skill Certification”.

Acquire certificate
When passing the flight course,
Drone’s handling experience less than 10 hours
Business courses can be taken!

Basic technology that can aim at professional pilots is acquired in 2 days, and various possibilities are brought.
Person who passed experience of drone maneuvering more than 10 hours or flight course



Days of attendance 2 days
Attendance time /th> 9:30〜17:30 (both days including breaks)
Instructor One instructor per 3 students

※ It is possible to participate in rainy weather flying, 1 person.
※ In order to optimize the curriculum, contents are subject to change without prior notice.
※ If the number of students is less than 3, we will finish earlier than usual.

¥200,000 (excluding tax)

20 kinds of skills necessary for pilots for industrial drone

Twenty kinds of skills necessary for industrial drone pilots such as turning 8 and infrared camera photography can be acquired in 2 days. ※ The acquisition speed of skills will vary with individual differences.

Skill up

Skills that you could not master in two days can be learned by skill-up course at a later date.

【Thorough support until mastering】
※ Later repair skill up course of 1 ten thousand yen (tax not included)

Skill up

Free rental

We will lend you various drone necessary for practical lessons free of charge.

Free rental

Acquire certificate

If you learn more than 15 kinds of skills, you can acquire the certification qualification “DS · J 2 star skill certification” of Drone School Japan.

Acquire certificate

In Japan, you can practical skills training with a drone equipped with FLIR DUO.

FLIR DUO is a twin camera combining a small infrared camera & small HD camera.
※ Drone School Japan has exclusive sales right from all over Asia including Japan including FLIP.
※ Until June 30, 2017, practical training will be conducted using the high performance compact infrared camera: FLIR VUE.

Experienced instructor

The DS · J instructor team got a comprehensive flight permission from the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport within the aerial law regulations such as “① nighttime · ② populated densely populated area · ③ out of sight · ④ within 30 m of building” It is. With this comprehensive permission, our instructors can skip drone without prior application to the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism in the area within the air law regulation nationwide.

Acquire certificate

Part of application example of FLIR VUE compact infrared camera for drone

  • Failure inspection / analysis of solar panel

  • Observation / pursuit of wildlife

  • Rain leakage / insulation inspection on the roof

  • Search for missing people

  • Monitoring volcanic activity

  • Nondestructive inspection of concrete structures

  • Inspection of telegraph pole and electric wire

  • Security monitoring

Abundant know-how and unique skills

DS · J has concluded aggregate domestic sales agent agreement with FLIR Inc. (USA), the world’s largest infrared camera manufacturer, FLIR VUE, and in the application field of drone with infrared camera, we have abundant know-how and original It has skills.
※ Photo (2016/02/20 Concluding signing agreement between us and FLIR Systems)

Acquire certificate

You can master analysis and processing technology of drone aerial image.

You can master analysis and processing technology of images taken with a drone in the sky. (It is essential technology for drone business)
How to create infrared camera image analysis report, / 3D mapping How to take aerial photograph / How to link images of aerial photographs etc can be learned.

Acquire certificate

Business course passing benefit

  • Sky Challenge course
    Benefit 1

    Drone pilot rotary wing 3 grade qualification

    If you pass the business course you can obtain DPA’s “Drones pilot rotary wing 3 grade” qualification. Qualification for “Drone pilot Rotary wing 3 grade” is free of admission fee and annual membership fee. Issuance and certification fee for certification etc. are only 12,000 yen (tax included) for the first time, qualification renewal fee is 6,000 yen (tax included) every 2 years. ※ 1 Draft maneuvering experience of more than 10 hours total is required.
    ※ 2 It is necessary to attend and complete the on-line course “Safe navigation management · basic course” provided by DPA. (The use of online courses is included in the certification fee.)

  • Benefit 2

    Dolon’s job matching service

    You can register for participation in a service that directly introduces and matches the successful applicants and work requesters over the business course (free). This service is a place of opportunity for students of DS · J to play an active part in “sky business”. Drone’s job matching service (opened in September 2017)

After passing the business course, you can take courses according to your purpose by taking the course.


You can choose the course and practical lessons for each course as much as you wish.



Days of attendance 60 minutes
Place Indoor
Aircraft Training aircraft (free lending)

※ School · Practical
※ Available in rainy weather · Available from 1 person
※ In order to optimize the curriculum, contents are subject to change without prior notice.

Study price ¥10,000 (excluding tax)

You can have field experience with a professional Drone pilot!



Days of attendance 4 hours
Place Outdoors
Aircraft Training aircraft (free lending)

3D mapping Method of aerial photography / Method of analyzing / reporting images shot with infrared camera / Method of connecting images of aerial photographs / House investigation · Real estate management · Photovoltaic power station · Event aerial photograph · Wildlife survey etc. Real experience type training with field experience

※ Practical examination fee included.
※ Participation from 1 person
※ In order to optimize the curriculum, contents are subject to change without prior notice.

Study price ¥50,000 (excluding tax)
Site Experience Course Reference Video 1
Site Experience Course Reference Video 2

You can fully master the technique of next generation agricultural drone using state-of-the-art technology!



Days of attendance 5 days
Place Indoor ・Outdoors
Aircraft Training aircraft (free lending)

About the structure of drone / Practical training by small drone (Phantom, F 450) / Practical training by large drone (S1000) / Aggress course (provided by DJI) / Practical training at onsite (farmland) by pesticide spraying drone / , About repair / maintenance / investigation and countermeasures of pests and birds / effective fertilizer ways / survey of soil moisture content

※ Includes discourse, practical skills, textbooks and examination fee.
※ It is possible to participate in rainy weather flying, 1 person.
※ In order to optimize the curriculum, contents are subject to change without prior notice.

Study price Please ask for price

Usually work as an elite pilot in the business scene, and in case of emergency, the ultimate practical program for those who want to contribute to the local community, such as disaster countermeasure support and reconstruction assistance!



Days of attendance 5 days
Place Indoor ・Outdoors
Aircraft Drone for training training (free lending)

Practical training by medium to large industrial drone (S1000 or S900) / Practical training by small drone (F550 or phantom) / Practical training with helicopter type / Acquire 30 kinds of skills

※ It is possible to participate in rainy weather flying, 1 person.
※ In order to optimize the curriculum, contents are subject to change without prior notice.

Study price Please ask for price
Japan’s first! Volunteering with a drone
You can register and participate in “Sky Volunteers”.

Information on the world’s largest indoor airfield DS · J Tokyo tidal airfield

Total area 12,000 tsubo Drone private indoor airfield located within the premises is the world’s largest indoor drone training facility with GPS availability, approximately 3,000 tsubo in area and approximately 15 m high ceiling. It is a feature that you can practice without being influenced by the weather, and accessibility is 1 minute on foot from the JR Keiyo line Tidei station (3rd station from Tokyo)

Access to Drone School Tokyo

Access to Drone School Tokyo

Street address

Tokyo Town, Koto Ward Tide 2 – chome 8 (in the former Seino Transportation Tokyo branch warehouse)

The closest station

1 minute walk from JR Keiyo line “Tidei” station

Please enter necessary items, agree to 【Attendance Regulations】 and 【Antisocial Forces】 at the bottom.

Company name

Department name
Name of person in charge

mail address

E-mail address (confirmation)

Postal code
phone number

Course selection
Date and time desired

【First choice】

【Second choice】

The number of participants

Please be sure to read it

Please read the [Regulations of the Course Regulations] and [About Antisocial Forces] to the end to apply,

Please check the "I agree" button after checking.


When applying to "Drone School Japan Tokyo school" (hereinafter referred to as "our school") offered by Sky Robot, this agreement (hereinafter referred to as "this agreement") will be applied . Those who wish to take lectures and lessons offered by this school (hereinafter referred to as "courses, etc.") should read the contents of this agreement carefully, understand it, accept the school after agreeing to this agreement Please make an application for.

Article 1 Outline of our school

1. As a school certified by the Association of Drone Pilots Association (DPA) of the general corporation, this school carries out a course of drone, related laws and regulations, safety management etc. and a practical lesson using actual equipment.

2. For equipment such as drone used for the course etc. of this school, use the one prepared by this school.

3. At this school, we will deliver DS · J Skills Certificate to successful applicants after completing the course etc. Those who have completed can obtain the skill certificate of DPA by submitting application documents specified by DPA to DPA in addition to the relevant skill certificate. The fee for applying to DPA is not included in the tuition fee.

4. At this school, we may refuse the re-examination at the discretion of our school if the student fails to pass the completion examination and still can not pass even if we take the exam again more than once.

Article 2 Participant qualification and attendance certificate

1. The qualification to take this school belongs only to the student himself / herself.

2. Students are required to carry entrance certificates issued by this school and to present them at any time when they are asked to present from the school when attending classes.

3. Qualifications and entrance certificates as students of this school can not be transferred or rented to a third party.

4. In the event that the admission card is damaged or lost in the event, the student shall immediately notify the school and follow the instruction of this school.

5. We may not be able to attend this school if we fall under any of the following items at the time of application to our school.
① Those under 20 years of age

② Those who can not read Japanese in Japanese

③ Those who were judged unsuitable for lecture classes and practical lessons at this school

6. In the event of a false application concerning each item of the preceding paragraph or when the student falls under any of the items of the preceding paragraph, we can not take this school.

7. The admission card shall be returned immediately to the school in case of leaving the class after each day's training, etc., or losing the qualification as a student.

Article 3 Notification matter

1. Applicant shall notify the matters designated by the school, such as the name of the applicant himself, the name of the organization to which it belongs, the department name or individual business owner, address, contact telephone number, mail address, etc. at the time of application of this school I shall assume.

2. The school may ask students who submit the contract to submit identification documents specified by the school.

3. Students are required to change procedures promptly when there is a change in the items to be reported under the preceding paragraph.

4. This school is not responsible for any disadvantage of the student due to false notification regarding the matters to be reported under the preceding two paragraphs, delay in notification, or no notification of change.

Article 4 Formation of attendance contract

1. The contract concerning the attendance of this school is a reservation by receiving an application for reservation from the applicant and the school starts a prescribed reservation procedure.

2. After completing the reservation, the school will review the applicant in relation to Article 2, paragraph 5, Article 3, paragraph 1, Article 13, etc., and the applicant falls under these provisions or matters to be notified In the event that a false or the like is discovered, the reservation can be destroyed without incurring any responsibility. Please note that our school will not be obliged to disclose the reason for discarding the reservation.

3. The agreement concerning the attendance of this school is concluded as a contract of a lecture agreement (hereinafter referred to as "this agreement") at the time the student completes payment of the tuition fee after the reservation is made. The applicant will acquire the qualification as a student at this point.

4. Applicants should contact the secretariat, which will be described later, when canceling reservation application for contract concerning attendance or canceling reservation. In addition, if you wish to change the attendance date before the enrollment deadline is established, you will need to re-apply after contacting the secretariat, which will be described later.

Article 5 Payment of tuition fee

1. The applicant of this school shall pay the invoice amount as the tuition fee of this school to the bank account designated by this school by the school's payment due date according to the invoice issued by this school .

2. As for the transfer fee required for the transfer in the preceding paragraph, we ask at the applicant's expense.

3. If you take classes etc. that exceed the number of times guaranteed as the curriculum or you can not pass the completion examination, you will be required to take additional tuition fee and completion exam We will pay the examination fee according to the instructions of our school.

Article 6 Change of attendance date

1. It is not possible to change the attendance date due to the circumstances of the students after the attendance contract is established.

2. If the student wishes to change the attendance date, it is necessary to re-apply again after cancellation of the participation contract under the next article. Also in this case, please note that the cancellation fee specified in the next article will be applied.

3. We will cancel after the start of classes in accordance with the preceding two paragraphs and even if we receive re-application, even if we re-apply, we will take the first day from the curriculum. Please note that there is no decrease in tuition fee due to reapplying.

4. Due to the nature of the drone, our school may unavoidably change the facility that carries out the training day etc. and the training course etc due to unseasonable weather. In that case, we will contact students from our school on the day before 1:00 pm on the day of attendance.

Article 7 Cancellation and refund

1. Students can leave this school for the convenience of the students at any time during the course period and close the student contract with this school.

2. We will pay the cancellation fee based on the table below as a cancellation fee at the end of the lecture contract due to the student's convenience after the enrollment contract is established.

Cancellation charge at the end of this contract (excluding tax)

Up to 4 business days prior to the course date 0 yen

Total tuition fee after 3 business days prior to course date

3. In the case of terminating the lecture contract midway due to the circumstances of the student, our school will refund the amount by deducting the cancellation fee described in the preceding paragraph from the tuition fee paid and transferring it to the bank account designated by the student. The transfer fee required for refund will be borne by the student.

Article 8 Obligations and attention of students

1. Students are required to follow the guidance of the instructor of this school as well as related laws, regulations separately designated by the school during the course period.

2. The student shall not act corresponding to the following items.

① Act that gives damage or discomfort to our school or other students, such as intimidation, abusive, slanderous slander, libelous abandonment, discrimination, obscene act, obscurity against this school and other students.

② Actions that interfere with the smooth operation of lectures, etc. by continuing or repeating specific actions.

(3) Acts that may give disadvantage or damage to providers or third parties.

④ The act of operating the drone without following the guidance of the lecturer at our school.

⑤ Used without permission to use the equipment used for providing or managing lecture etc of our school, equipment including drone.

⑥ Qualification as a student and assignment / lease of entrance certificate.

⑦ In the event that there are problems or problems with the content of the course etc. of this school, by misusing the problem or trouble to unfairly benefit himself or a third party, or disadvantage this school or a third party action. Also, acts of disseminating such problems and defects through the Internet etc.

⑧ Modification of drone.

⑨ Dangerous acts (including drone not subject to aviation law) such as operation of flight which does not comply with related laws and regulations of drone regardless of course etc.

⑩ Publication of personal information of other students who got to know while attending classes.

⑪ Politics, religion, commercial acts and activities similar to those during lecture classes.

⑫ Bringing pets (living things) and alcoholic beverages to facilities that conduct courses, etc.

⑬ Hoso aiding, teaching of acts prescribed in the preceding items.

⑭ Preliminary notice and preparation of the act prescribed in each of the preceding items.

⑮ Acts that violate these Terms or various laws and ordinances.

⑯ All acts that interfere with lectures by this school.

(17) Others The acts judged by the school to be inappropriate.

3. In the event that the student violates the preceding two paragraphs, the school may withdraw the student from the school, cancel the participation contract under this agreement, and request compensation for damages incurred by the school . In addition, even if students intentionally or seriously negligibly damaged or contaminated facilities, drone, etc. of our school, we will do the same.

4. Students will be responsible for all of the transportation expenses to the place of implementation such as the course designated by this school, and the food expenses on the day of course attendance.

5. If students are absent or inevitable on the course day, be sure to contact the school regardless of the reason.

6. If the student is absent or late at the attendance day without any contact, the school will bear no obligation to refund the tuition fee for absentee or late courses, etc, We do not have obligation to provide courses etc

Article 9 Force Majeure

Social incidents such as natural disasters such as earthquake, typhoon, floods, etc., war, civil war, revolution etc, establishment / revision / abolition of laws and regulations, exercise of public authority such as administrative agency and court order · disposition · guidance, labor dispute, Due to the circumstances of manufacturers such as fire and drone, suspension of supply of parts of drone and drones, and other circumstances that can not be controlled by our school, it is impossible for our school to implement safe and smooth courses etc. If judged, our school may cancel this agreement, or change the schedule necessary for continuation of the course etc., and change the execution facility such as a training course.

Article 10 Disclaimer, Non-Guarantee

1. If the student suffers damage due to falling under any of the following items, except for refunds based on Article 7, such as leisure leave compensation, damages, gifts, etc., We can not assume any responsibility.

① Canceling lectures etc. due to the fact that the minimum number of persons in training etc. did not get together

② The occurrence of the reason described in Article 9

③ Mid-way cancellation due to learner's convenience

④ accident caused by intention or negligence by the student himself / herself

⑤ Theft, mischief, injury or injury during the course period

⑥ Accidents during the course that occurred beyond the limit of compensation coverage for damage insurance to which the school subscribes

⑦ Accidents during breaks · Food poisoning · Diseases · Thefts,

⑧ Accidents caused by the responsibilities of other students who do not follow instructions from our school

⑨ Damage caused by other schools not responsible

2. The school does not undertake any refund obligation and obligation for damages in case of refusing the re-examination pursuant to Article 1, paragraph 4, or when leaving the school according to Article 8, paragraph 3.

3.This school will be offered in the case that the completeness of the classes held by the school, the usefulness for the student's business and the purpose of the student, the licensing system concerning the drone based on the law in the future, the qualification system etc. It does not guarantee the certainty of acquisition of license, qualification.

Article 11 Copyright

1. All copyrights contained in the content of the classes, teaching materials, handouts, handouts and other materials that the school provides or presents to students during the course of training, etc., It belongs to a third party who has a license to use.

2. Participants will prohibit any acts relating to copyright, as exemplified in the following items.

① Duplicate contents of the classes, teaching materials, handout materials, other materials, etc. (excluding private reproduction made by the student himself for storing data of himself) and assignment / loan to others.

② Quotations and reprints of contents of lectures etc in SNS etc., teaching materials, handout materials, other materials etc.

③ Photo shooting, recording, recording, capture etc. without permission of instructors of our school at our school facilities.

Article 12 Handling of personal information

Personal information obtained from students will be handled appropriately according to the law concerning the protection of personal information and related laws and regulations and norms.

Sky Robot Privacy Policy ⇒

Article 13 Elimination of anti-social forces

1. In this school, a group of organized crime groups, organizations involved in organized crime groups, general meeting organizers, social movement goro, political activity gobo, special intelligence violence group or members of antisocial forces equivalent thereto, or tattoos (tattoo We can not accept applications for those who are enrolled.

2. This school will cancel the contract immediately and will not respond to any refund immediately if it becomes clear that the student falls under the preceding paragraph after the contract is concluded.

Article 14 Contact from the school to students

In the case of notifying or communicating to students from our school, we shall do for matters to be notified from students under Article 3.

Article 15 Contact from the student to this school, inquiries

For various inquiries, please contact our school secretariat stipulated below.

<Secretariat address and contact address>

Daiwa Royal Ginza Building Office Floor 2F 13-15 Ginza 1-chome Chuo-ku, Tokyo 104-0061

Sky Robot Drone School Japan Co., Ltd. Tokyo School Office

TEL: 03-6263-0402 (reception hours on weekdays from 9: 00 to 17: 30)

E-mail address:

Article 16 Governing Law

These Terms shall be interpreted and applied in accordance with Japanese law.

Article 17 Exclusive Agreement Jurisdiction

For all disputes concerning the use of our school, we will make the Tokyo District Court the exclusive agreement jurisdiction court of the first instance.

Article 18 Revision of these Terms

1. This school may change this agreement without notice to students. In this case, our school shall post to the website managed by Sky Robot Inc. or notify the address or e-mail address to which the student will be notified.

2. The changed terms shall apply to all students starting from the publication date or the notice to the student based on the preceding paragraph or the date of transmission.

Established October 26, 2008

【Elimination of antisocial forces】

1. When applying for a course, I will ask your company (including representatives, officers, employees who execute important duties and persons who substantially control business) or persons who act or mediate this contract Do not fall under antisocial forces (collectively referred to as "anti-social forces") such as gangsters, gangsters, organizations involved in organized crime groups, general meeting organizers, social movement goro, political activity gobo, special intelligence violence group We will assure that we will not apply in the future as well.

2. If I violate the preceding paragraph, you may cancel this Agreement without any notice and cancel the service under this Agreement and I will file any objection to your disposition I agree that I can not do that.

Required I agree to the above rules of attorney, anti-social forces.

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  • Drone & IoT Business Seminar

    We have a briefing session for business owners.
    We will teach plenty of business know-how of Drone called the empty industrial revolution.
    From time to time! (Free participation · complete reservation system)

    Drone & IoT Business Seminar Information
  • Information request / inquiry

    We will inform you about various materials request and inquiries concerning our products.

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