Goggle type display reflecting evolving IoT technology The world's first new technology! Scouter with infrared camera
Goggle type display reflecting evolving IoT technology The world’s first new technology! Scouter with infrared camera

A goggle type IoT display “Boson / Sky Scouter IR (hereinafter referred to as Sky Scouter)” equipped with Boson, the world’s lightest class infrared thermography camera, enables users to intuitively view images in front of their eyes hands-free.

* Sky Robot Corp. is the Asian total selling agency of Infrared Thermography Camera / BOSON.

Effect / Features

Ultra lightweight & ultra compact

Ultra lightweight & ultra compact infrared camera weighing 7.5 g, produced by FLIR Systems, the world’s largest infrared camera Boson.
Boson can shoot images of about 9 to 60 times (9 frets to 60 frets) per second despite being as small as 1 yen coin.
It is a camera suitable for mounting high speed moving cars and drone.
It is ultra lightweight & ultra compact, which has no comparison with conventional large infrared cameras, and incorporates high performance CPU.
The usable temperature is an innovative module ranging from minus 40 degrees to 80 degrees.



Hands-free display that integrates the latest IoT technology

Sky Scouter IR is the world’s first goggle type IoT display equipped with the ultra-compact infrared camera module Boson.
Monocular display (goggle type IoT display) displaying images of 720p on the left eye.
On the other side of the display is a high-performance infrared camera “Boson”, which allows you to take infrared images in the wearer’s field of vision and check in real time on the display.
Also, the world’s lightest class product design (285 g) makes neck and shoulder less tired and easy to focus. It is designed to limit the load due to eye fatigue and wearing as much as possible.
The band adopts a flexible resin material. It is easy to detach from the top of the work wear’s hat and helmet etc.
The biggest feature is that workers can perform hands-free, crime prevention measures, equipment inspection, house investigation, victim investigation, search for sufferers, disaster relief and so on.
Interface is HDMI.
Built-in battery in a small control box equipped on the waist etc., the driving time is about 4 hours.
Also included is a stick PC “DG – STK 3” which installed Windows 10 Home 32 bit as a set item, and clicker “400 – MA 077” to operate on the fingertip.

Hands-free display that integrates the latest IoT technology

Broad utilization scene of the industry’s first ultra-compact infrared camera module “Boson”

· Module suitable for high speed moving cars and drones!
Ultra compact infrared camera module Boson mounted on “Sky Scouter IR” can capture images of 60 times (60 frets) in 1 second, making it ideal for high speed moving objects (such as cars and drones) It is an infrared camera.

· Active as a collision sensor with less dazzle for ADAS!
Boson is also ideal as a collision sensor for ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance System predecessor operation system). With the high beam of night driving, you can not see far, and the possibility of being dazzled by the light of the oncoming car increases. On the other hand, if you are Boson you can monitor the forward direction by reducing the risk of dazzling.

· Infrared cameras that detect objects by transmitting smoke and fog can also be used for firefighting / disaster prevention and animals’ ecological survey!
Boson, an infrared camera, can detect objects through smoke and fog, so it will be a reliable tool for fire and disaster prevention applications. For the same reason, we can think of how to use ecological survey of animals etc.

· Security fields such as security and even for inspecting buildings!
It can also be used for security applications such as preventing people and animals from entering by nighttime security that does not reach light and for inspecting buildings for leaks and leaks.

Broad utilization scene of the industry's first ultra-compact infrared camera module  Boson

Visualization by Sky Scouter IR

Investigation in traditional nighttime rescue and life rescue was done under poor visibility.
Due to this poor visibility, secondary problems such as the occurrence of secondary disasters due to obstacles, which requires time to know where and what can be seen, extensive investigation involving large personnel costs, etc. It is.
Sky Scouter IR solves these problems by “visualization”.
Utilizing “Sky Scouter IR” equipped with high-performance infrared camera Boson, even in the environment of poor visibility such as fire fighting and observation of wild animals as well as human life rescue and nighttime security, in the field of view of workers The thermal image can be confirmed.
This is “visualization” brought about by the high function of “Sky Scouter IR”, the world’s first goggle type IoT display equipped with an infrared camera.



Extensive use

Boson / Sky Scouter IR that can be used in various situations such as disaster sites and ecological investigation of wildlife

Sky Scouter IR is a strength of hands-free.
Since it does not block both hands, it can do smoothly by inspecting in dangerous situations such as high places, security surveillance work in the nighttime, inspection work involving terminal input in real time, and so on.
Even when it is necessary to wear a helmet with working wear, a highly flexible resin material band is used, so it can be installed and used easily.
Because it is lightweight, wearing for a long time will not be difficult.

By checking the thermal image, you can check the heat of the individual even in places where light does not reach or even in the dark night, and it also works for work in places with poor visibility and ecological investigation of wildlife.
Sky Scouter IR is a tool that can rely on important mission accomplishment even under severe circumstances, since you can see the temperature information in front of you in real time.
The merit in these functional aspects will also help firefighters and rescue workers protect their lives at the disaster site.

  • Survey and inspection at height work

    Survey and inspection at height work

  • Security · nighttime security

    Security · nighttime security

  • Rescue · Life rescue

    Rescue · Life rescue

  • Ecological survey

    Ecological survey

System configuration / specification

SCOUTER SR-200 specification

ヘッドディスプレー形式 Monocular (left eye)
External dimensions 【Head display 1 type】266mm(H)×182.9mm(W)×28.8mm(D) cable 2m
【Control box】115mm(H)×84mm(W)×28.8mm(D) 2800Lumen
weight 【Head display 1 type】about 145g (Including cable)
【Control box】about 190g
input 【Interface】HDMI(correspond to HDCP )
【HDMI input compatible resolution】720p(1280×720pixel)
Display performance 【Display resolution】720p(1280×720pixel)
【Color】Full color 16.77 million colors
【Focal length adjustment function 】Adjustable from about 30 cm to about 5 m
【External light transmittance 】For non-transmissive / transmissive, non-transmissive mirrors: 0%, transmissive mirrors: 50%
【Double sided size 】Diagonal about 17.8 ° (equivalent to 13 in 1 m)
Environmental performance 【Operating temperature 】0~40℃ , 10~35℃(When charging )
Operating temperature 】20~80%(No condensation )
Operation / adjustment function Brightness (5 levels), key lock, center enlargement mode
Mounting method Headband system with flexible arm
Power supply AC adapter, built-in battery, when external battery is connected (USB micro-B) terminal
Built-in battery operating time About 4 hours
Power consumption About 2.5 w
External power input Voltage: DC5V , Current: more than 1A
Stick PC DG-STK 3 Specification
OS about W28×D36.7×H34.7mm
weight about 9.6g
interface USB HID specification version 1.1 compliant * USB 3.0, 2.0 interfaces can also be used
Battery performance Continuous use / about 10 hours, continuous wait / about 533 hours, usable / about 2 weeks
Specific viewer specification
Constitution Infrared analysis software
Scouter projection software (Multi-page TIFF file projected on the scouter)

Specifications etc. of the product may be changed without notice, so please be forewarned.

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