Ultracompact Infrared Camera Module FLIR Boson ™
FLIR BOSON is best suited as collision avoidance sensor for ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance System advanced driving support system).
Built-in latest 12 core video processing SoC (system sound chip).
Industry standard embedded interface makes advanced processing and analysis possible.


FLIR Systems’ BOSON is a compact, lightweight, high-quality long wave infrared (LWIR) * 1 thermography camera core.} It is not only the industry’s first product, but also sets new standards of size, weight, power consumption (SWaP) * 2.
BOSON adopts FLIR Systems’ extensible XIR * 3 infrared video processing architecture.
It can perform advanced image processing and analysis with little power consumption, it can correspond widely to driver of peripheral sensor and industry standard communication interface.
BOSON can be selected from various lens options with different viewing angle (FOV) depending on the application.

※1 LWIR = Long Wave Infrared
※2 SWaP = Size, Weight and Power
※3 XIR = Extended infrared

Collision avoidance sensor for ADAS

SWaP (dimension, weight, power consumption)
Drastically reduced without degrading performance

This is the smallest, high-performance, high-quality infrared thermography OEM camera core that was realized by the industry’s top SWaP.
When driving at night, you can not see far in the high beam, it will be dazzled by the light of the oncoming car, but if it is an infrared camera you can watch far forward with little dazzle.

※ ADAS (advanced driving support system)

Collision avoidance sensor for ADAS
  • VGA or QVGA resolution, day cooled VO x micro bolometer with 12 μm pixel pitch.
  • You can choose from 8 kinds of FOV different lens options for QVGA and 7 types for VGA (see the right figure).
  • Three sensitivity levels (from 〈 40 mK).
  • The camera body size is 21 × 21 × 11 mm (volume 4.9 cm), lightweight design (excluding lenses) of only 7.5 grams.
  • Low power consumption (from 500 mV).
  • Rugged body structure, wide operating temperature range (-40 ° C to + 80 ° C for industrial use).

FA · Fire prevention · Disaster prevention · Wildlife monitoring · Security etc.

FLIR BOSON can be incorporated into various FA (Factory Automation) systems and integration with industrial robots, monitoring and security OEM terminals, drone, smart glass, helmet and so on.
FLIR BOSON can detect targets through smoke and fog, so it can be used for firefighting and disaster prevention purposes.

FA · Fire prevention · Disaster prevention · Wildlife monitoring · Security etc.

FA · Fire prevention · Disaster prevention · Wildlife monitoring · Security etc.

Powerful and extensible XIR infrared video processing architecture

  • Advanced algorithm that performs super high resolution, noise filter, gain control, blending, etc.
  • With built-in video analysis function, advanced automatic control is possible without adjustment.
  • Customizable video processing and power saving software.
  • Built-in support function to physical protocol level / interface standard.
  • It corresponds to input and processing for auxiliary sensor such as third party camera · GPS · IMU.
  • Solution · Accelerator setting. Prepare settings that can correspond to various industries.
  • Customized application by FLIR Systems trusted third party developers.
  • Mechanical / electrical compatibility between all versions is achieved.
  • It is possible to integrate various hardware and image processing and conform to OEM requirements.


Fire prevention

Development environment · Knowledge base

FLIR BOSON SDK (We will license for BOSON buyers)
BOSON development board, camera link kit (sold separately)

Specification of FLIR BOSTON

Sensor technology Uncooled VOx micro bolometer
Array format 640×512(VGA)or 320×256(QVGA)
Pixel pitch 12μm
Spectral band Long wave infrared, 7.5μm 〜13.5μm
Dynamic range mode 〜140°C(High gain)、〜500°C(Low gain)
Temperature sensitivity <40mK(Industrial use)、<50mK (High performance)、<60 mK(For commercial use)
Full frame rate 60Hz、30Hz (Depending on configuration and setting)
Slow frame rate <9Hz
Uneven correction Factory calibrated, FLIR silent shutter less Improved FFC with NUC (SSN)
Sunlight shielding Built in
Continuous electronic zoom 1 to 8 times zoom
Image Orientation Adjustable (vertical flip and / or horizontal flip)
Symbol overlay Alpha blend for each frame rewritable, translucent overlay
snap shot Full frame snapshot, SDIO interface supporting removable media
Lenses and interfaces
Lens option 7 lens options for resolution 640
8 lens options for 320 resolution
Input voltage 3.3VDC
Power consumption 580 mW〜(Depending on the configuration)
Video channel CMOS or USB
Control channel UART or USB
Peripheral channel I2C、SPI、SDIO
Dimensions · weight etc.
size 21×21×11mm(By lens)
weight 7.5g(By lens、Depending on the configuration)
Precision mounting hole Four tapped M16 * 0.35 4 (rear cover) lens If the lens mass exceeds the core
Operating temperature range etc.
Operating temperature range -40℃~80°C(Industrial and high performance grades)、-20℃〜65℃(Commercial grade)
Storage temperature range -50°C~85°C
Impact resistance 1,500g @0.4msec
Usage altitude limit 12 km(Maximum altitude of a commercial aircraft or aerial platform)

The export of the products described in this catalog may require permission from the US government.
Specifications of this product are subject to change without notice.

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