Agronomic drone AGRAS MG - 1
New Agricultural Revolution that Drone Technology Breaks Up

In Japan’s agriculture, issues such as aging, lack of successor, abandonment of arable land are increasing every year.
On the other hand, entry as a new IT farming business has also increased.
The introduction of the drone is indispensable for the realization of “super-labor saving”, “low cost” and “precision” just as needed for agriculture in the future.

To everyone who is considering introducing drone for agriculture

Drone is a must-have item for lineup of agricultural machines

It depends on a sudden bad weather and the advance reservation system, and for those who are troubled by spraying in the air
Drone is an excellent one that can be skipped freely and can be handled efficiently and effectively.
If you are considering introducing the port, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Drone is a must-have item for lineup of agricultural machines

We will respond to simple questions as well.

· Where should I learn drone and where to buy it?
· Can you skip to myself who is not strong at opportunity?
· Is the farming (agricultural crops) of their own being fairly distributed in the aerial?
Sky Robotics Inc., DSJ (Drone School Japan) will be kind and responsive to any questions.

Drone School Japan’s site is here
We will respond to simple questions as well.

Drone agriculture solution

Drone agriculture solution

Full support

1. Advice on licensing system of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Aeronautics Association
2. Technology to skew the drones safely and correctly
3. Support registration method and procedure (machine registration, area application, pilot application etc.)
4. Handling method of Dji AGRAS MG-1

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Flow of introduction

  • 1Catalog examination
  • 2 Requirement confirmation
  • 3Suggestions
  • 4Demonstration on actual machine (at customer’s farmland)
  • 5 Contract (purchase + school)
  • 6 Drones piloting technique acquisition (School start) Promotion / learning (PHANTOM ~ AGRAS MG 1)
  • 7Aircraft registration support
  • 8Certificate issuance
  • 9Business start
  • 10After Follow-up 1 Year Periodic inspection / Supply of machine parts

Drone & IoT Business Seminar / Information Request / Inquiry

  • Drone & IoT Business Seminar

    We have a briefing session for business owners.
    We will teach plenty of business know-how of Drone called the empty industrial revolution.
    From time to time! (Free participation · complete reservation system)

    Drone & IoT Business Seminar Information
  • Information request / inquiry

    We will inform you about various materials request and inquiries concerning our products.

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