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About Us

Main Office Office Floor 2F, Daiwa Royal Ginza Building, Ginza 1-13-15, Chuo-ku TOKYO 104-0061 Japa
Sub Office 1738-1 Kurami, Samukawa-cho, , Kanagawa 253-0101 Japan (Drone School Japan)
URL www.skyrobot.co.jp
Paid Up CapitalJPY 520,000,000
Number of Issued Shares480,000,000
Date of Incorporation9 Sept 2014
Main BankMitsui Sumitomo Bank Hiro-o Branch, Yokohama Bank Ebisu Branch
Number of Employees40
DirectorsDaisuke Kaio, Shuhei Komatsu, Ichiro Kobayashi, Jun Watanabe
CEODaisuke Kaio
Main Shareholders (80%)Ryohei Uetaki, Shuhei Komatsu
Business Summary
Skyrobot started business offering robots for self-cleaning solar panels. It branched out into specialized drone businesses a year later and now such systems comprise the bulk of its business. Skyrobot operates primarily as a Drone Systems Integrator delivering specialized drone services in the following areas: (1) Security, (2) Search and Rescue (3) Building, Shipyard, Road and Construction Maintenance (4) Commercial Aerial Video production, (5) GPS and Mapping, (6) Agriculture and crop enhancement. Skyrobot is in close partnership with China based DJI where it sources the Drone skeleton. Skyrobot integrates the parts as follows to provide tailor made solutions to clients:

  • Appropriate Drone skeleton from DJI (China)

  • Thermography camera technology from FLIR Systems of USA

  • Other Japanese camera and sensor technology such as sonar and lidar

  • State of the Art in-house Japanese battery technology

  • Enhanced in-house Geo-Stabilizers and Control systems for autonomous flights

  • In-house Artifical Intelligence technology in the following fields:

  • Sensor Fusion – the collating and analysis of data from various sensors - camera, lida, infrared, sonar

  • Image recognition, segmentation and classification via deep learning network

  • Collision Detection and Avoidance in motion planning and shortest path computation

  • Indoor simultaneous localization and mapping allowing no-GPS routing

  • Autonomous flight - drone operational behavior, point to point, speed modulation and obstacle avoidance computation

  • Security – jamming resistance, secure communications

  • Fleet management permitting the simultaneous coordination of multiple drones.

Skyrobot also offers training services for aspiring drone pilots at its schools in Japan.


Main Office

Office Floor 2F, Daiwa Royal Ginza Bldg.
1-13-15 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 104-0061 JAPAN

□Access by train
JR Yamanote-line, Yurakucho Station (8 min. walk)

□Access by Subway
Tokyo Metro Yurakucho-line, Ginza 1-chome Station (1 min. walk)
Toei Asakusa-line, Muromachi Station (4 min, walk)
Toei Asakusa-line, Higashi Ginza Station (5 min. walk)