MISSION Corporate Slogan


Contribute to the future society with robot solutions.

Corporate Slogan

We Robots Help Human

Various robots and drones are drawing attentions worldwide.

In the past, we’ve imagined that robots were the computer controlled mechanical arms deployed in automobile manufacturing, humanoids like Astroboy, or healing robots in the shapes of various pets. We’ve associated drone with the high-tech military gadget used in unmanned surveillance and attack.

Now, robots are coming into our business and daily lives, and drones are used not only for hobby but also expected to be the promising means for various commercial and civilian surveillance, monitoring, inspection and delivery purposes.

When the first Star Wars movie was released about 40 years ago, the robots and drones that appear on the screen were the inhabitants of the SF world. Now they are being reality in our lives.

We at Skyrobot Inc. develop and deploy various solutions and services, using the following, unique characteristics of our friends, robots and drones, under their slogan “We Robots Help Human”.

“We robots are tireless an do uniform finish on the works we provide
“We robots do dangerous works for human, doggedly"
“We robots do our jobs fast, cheap and accurately
“We robots observe things from a different viewpoint from human"

We will strive to deploy various solutions and services based on the slogan, and contribute to the society worldwide.


President & CEO, Skyrobot Inc.
Daisuke Kaio