Inspection and cleaning of solar panels Prevention of global warming

The majority of the world’s electricity is made of thermal power generation

Japan thermal power generation ratio 88.3%
Japan thermal power generation ratio 88.3%
Source: Japan Federation of Electric Power Companies
World thermal power generation ratio 68.0%
World thermal power generation ratio 68.0%
Source: International Energy Agency (IEA)

Thermal power generation will emit a large amount of CO2

CO2 emissions vary depending on the power generation system.

CO2 emissions vary depending on the power generation system.

Clean-up power generation is the concept of maintaining the maximum power generation capacity by periodically inspecting and cleaning solar panels, the emission of CO2 is almost zero.

※1 By combustion as fuel for power generation.
※2 ※ 2 Source excavation, manufacturing, transportation, construction and maintenance etc. Source: Electric Central Research Institute (2010) etc.

If you recover 10% of electricity generation by panel inspection …

If 1 MW photovoltaic power plant loses 10% of electricity generation per year due to panel contamination or failure, if we try to compensate it by thermal power generation, We will also discharge 56 tons of CO2. This figure is about the same as CO2 that 350 kg of gasoline car running 1 liter 15 km runs each 1,000 km.

Periodic inspection and cleaning of solar panels and keeping power generation efficiency close to 100% can be said to be environmentally friendly considerations, as well as maintaining the power sales amount.

  • STEP.1
    In the case of a 1 MW farm, the power sale amount is reduced by 10% due to panel contamination.
  • STEP.2
    When supplementing with thermal power generation, we emit 56 tons of CO2 per year
  • STEP.3
    Same CO2 emissions as we had 350 gasoline cars running each 1,000 Km.

Inspect and clean solar panel with SKYCOMBINATION®

Automate and improve the inspection and cleaning of the solar panel with a combination of drone and robot, and improve the ROI (return on investment) of the farm owner.
By optimizing the power generation efficiency of the solar farm, we will indirectly contribute to the suppression of CO2 emissions.
Drones & robots, both solutions are protected by international patents and proprietary technologies · know-how, difficult solutions that other companies can imitate.


    Inspection and analysis of solar panel with drone

  • Inspection and analysis of solar panel with drone

In IEA (International Energy Agency International Energy Agency), cumulative introduction amount of photovoltaic generation *
We expect to grow by 400 GW by 2020 and to 2.4 TW (TeraW) by 2030.

Assuming that the cumulative introduction amount of 2.4 TW assumed in 2030 is reduced by 10% in power generation due to panel contamination or failure,
It will be 240 GW loss. If we try to supplement this loss with thermal power generation, CO2 emissions will reach 130 million tons.

Since it is possible to utilize the existing facilities when recovering the power generation amount of solar power generation through panel inspection / cleaning,
There is almost no extra emissions of CO2.

※ PV only (photovoltaics solar panel) method only.

  • Supplementing with thermal power generation …
    CO2 emissions 130 million tons per year

  • VS
  • Panel inspection and cleaning with SKYCONBINATION® …
    Do not discharge CO2 almost

Expectation of world total power generation and solar power generation total

2015 2020 2030
Global total power generation forecast 201523TeraW 202025TeraW 203029TeraW
Global total photovoltaic power generation forecast
(Composition ratio)
2015180GW(0.7%) 2020400GW(1.6%) 20302.4TeraW(8.3%)


We regularly inspect and clean all solar panels 2.4TeraW (forecast) all over the world with SKYCOMBINATION® in 2030,
If we can eliminate 10% of power generation loss, we can expect a posting effect * 1 of 190 trillion yen.

The world population is expected to exceed 10 billion * 2 in around 2060.
While reducing 10 billion people’s CO2 emissions, it is necessary to increase solar power generation most efficiently to supply 10 billion people.

Although CO2 emissions of solar power generation can be reduced to 1/15 – 1/25 of thermal power generation, recovery of power generation by panel inspection / cleaning will not substantially discharge CO2,
It is very effective against global warming against the same required power generation amount.
Clean-up power generation contributes to global warming prevention.

※1 Total value of solar panel lifetime of 20 years.
※2 UN 2012 forecast