We support ecological survey / tracking of wildlife, vegetation investigation / analysis of agriculture and forestry industry.

※IoT=Internet of Things

Damage to crops by wildlife and wild birds is enormous

In recent years, the problem of wild animals harming people and destroying agricultural crops is rapidly increasing in various parts of Japan.
The total damages of agricultural crops by wildlife and wild birds total 23 billion yen nationwide, and the damaged area is 9.7 million hectares ※1.

The population of rural areas is aging and decreasing, people do not pursue wild animals, satoyama due to buffer zones between people and animals decreases,
Animals came out to the village because they knew delicious food easily available.
Recent hunter reduction ※2 is one reason wild animals have come to village.

There are several systems that wear radio wave transmitters in wild animals and monitor their behavior, but because of adopting conventional radio technology,
Large · heavy · Battery life is short · There is a problem that the animal direction / distance is about.
It is not preferable from the standpoint of animal welfare that a transmitter attached to an animal is large and heavy.

※1 Presentation by Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries
※2 The number of hunting license holders is about 180,000 nationwide in 2012, and aging is proceeding with less than half of 30 years ago.

With Drone and the latest IoT technology, we observe and track wildlife behavior.

Our company developed MOONBEAR® wildlife tracking system, the animals are wearable compact, lightweight, waterproof
It consists of a tag (radio transmitter / receiver) that keeps the battery for a long period of time and a tracker (tracking device) to be equipped on the drone.

An observer of wild animals can fly a drone to the satoyama and observe and track the behavior of the tagged animals on a PC or tablet.
You can attach a device that sounds a firecracker sound or a siren to a drone, and you can sing away if you find a wild animal.


Wild animal discovery

We support drone and various sensor technologies to promote precision agriculture and precision forestry.

Precision agriculture (Precision Agriculture) is the condition of agricultural land and agricultural crops observed by ICT technology, damage due to climate change and pests,
It is a series of agricultural management methods that analyze diseases of agricultural crops such as molds and invasion of foreign plants and make countermeasures and aim for improvement of the yield and quality of agricultural crops.

Likewise, precision forestry (Precision Forestry) is the observation of the growth state of forest using ICT technology, the damage due to climate change and pests,
It is a series of forestry management methods that analyze diseases of trees such as molds and invasion of foreign plants and make countermeasures, aiming to improve the yield and quality of wood.

In either case, you can get detailed data extensively and easily by loading HD / infrared camera and 3D scanner in the drones and flying over farmland and forest.